Upcoming Exhibitions

Susan Lisbin:

Solo Exhibition

The Human Side

Opening Thursday

 4/22, 6-8 PM

Closing Saturday

6/5, 7 PM


Profoundly hard of hearing since age two, Lisbin has spent a lot of time silently observing others and her relationship to them. She uses the insights gleaned  to develop her own artistic vocabulary. By exploring tension, sexuality and humor in  her art, she illustrates poignantly how people interact, flee from confinement, or stand their own ground. Each piece becomes a unique scenario to discover juxtapositions and identity in this world we all share.


Group Exhibition

Pushing the Medium: Glass, Paper, and Fabric

Eileen Jager

Bess Gaby

Elizabeth Mador

Allegra Brelsford

Opening Thursday

 5/6, 6-8 PM

Closing Saturday

6/26, 7 PM


Allegra Brelsford

Solo Exhibition


Opening Thursday

6/17, 6-8 PM

Closing Saturday

7/31, 7 PM

Working in fabric, Brelsford  uses powerful, abstract, graphic imagery to reflect structure, place, movement, and light. Her sails series captures the forces of wind, water, shadow, and light in the abstract forms of sails. As viewers we attempt to harness and run with what is larger than us.

A. Brelsford_Sails 2 The Blue Heron crop

Alonzo Davis

Solo Exhibition

Navigating Climate Change

Opening Thursday

7/1, 6-8 PM

Closing Saturday

8/14, 7 PM

Alonzo Davis is an African-American artist and academic known for co-founding the Brockman Gallery in Los Angeles with his brother Dale Brockman Davis in the 1960s. In reaction to a perceived lack of coverage of black art, Davis became an advocate for black art and artists. His best-known work is the Eye on '84 mural he painted to commemorate the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Alonzo 1.heic

Shawn Theodore

Solo Exhibition

Opening Thursday

8/5, 6-8 PM

Closing Saturday

9/11, 7PM

Recently featured by Artsy as 1 of the top 10 artists in demand, Shawn Theodore is an award-winning photographer and multi-media artist whose work opens broad conversations regarding the role of the photographer in the shaping of agency and imagery. His work engages us in new forms of storytelling and impacts the trajectory of the collective black consciousness.

All I Ever Wanted Was a Reason to Be fro

Fred Gutzeit

Solo Exhibition

Opening Thursday

9/16, 6-8 PM

Closing Saturday

10/30, 7 PM

Gutzeit has never been satisfied with capturing the realism we “see” in nature. He has continually sought a realism through abstraction that would capture the hidden complexity of nature juxtaposed with the search for structure. Musings about complexity and chaos theories, string theory, mathematics modeling, and current scientific speculation about “multiverses” are employed as he explores consciousness, identity, and structure. This retrospective exhibition of his work over 50 years is a show not to be missed.


Archived Exhibitions

Art for Your Collection

This was a major exhibition of 26 artists recommended by New York City art critics as important artists to collect. 


Nov. 14 - Jan. 30, 2020

     Atriums 101, 102, and 106   

Halftone Image of Crowd


Catherine Fosnot

Richard McDonough


Charity Lynn Baker